This is a fun sight in tropical locations…the directional arrow pole. This one was at our wonderful lodging on Three Sisters Beach, and there was another on Stocking Island. And I’ve seen yet another in Empire, Colorado – I’ll have to find those images and share them with you. We’ve had some lovely times in Salida, which is in the “Banana Belt” of Colorado, and so has a milder climate than some parts of our state. In fact, we make “rum runs” to this cool little town, because yes, it is the only place that we have been able to find our favorite Antigua rum for sale. Given our current temperature of 21 degrees, I think I’d stick with Great Exuma. As they say, soon come.


Great Exuma, Bahamas.

Quote of the day: “A smile is the most beautiful colour in the world.”  — Xingyun

Daily gratitudes:
Clean dishes
Warm blankets
Doing research
Sweet tea
Head bonks (which can lead to lovely Maine Coon mind-melds)