Because we have such an amazing place as Rocky Mountain National Park and Trail Ridge Road in our backyard. We had a girl’s trip yesterday to Silverthorne and back through Grand Lake and the Park, and it was wonderful. Great views and great talks. We saw oodles of elk and two moose (though I have yet to see an antlered moose). Love you, daughter, sister, niece.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Quote of the day: โ€œAll things pass in time. We are far less significant than we imagine ourselves to be. All that we are, all that we have wrought, is but a shadow, no matter how durable it may seem. One day, when the last man has breathed his last breath, the sun will shine, the mountains will stand, the rain will fall, the streams will whisperโ€”and they will not miss him.โ€ — Jim Butcher

Daily gratitudes:
Children playing in dancing waters
Leftover wedding flowers
Ice cold milk
That the beach soon come