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It has been MKL’s and my third anniversary today (of our first date – that’s how we measure it.) Which was wonderful. We spent yesterday and this morning together, and I was to have take a little road trip with my sister this afternoon. However, the best laid plans…when I went to pick her up, she smelled smoke, and we discovered the house around the corner ablaze, one part of the family just having escaped the duplex, and the other out of town. The first fire truck had just arrived and hadn’t even started putting the flames out yet. My sister is a photojournalist, so she documented it all. Kelsea, with her firefighter ambitions, was ringside and while I was unnecessarily holding her back, she was respectfully watching her future in action. It was sad and traumatic.The power of a house fire is always stunning and shocking. It happens so fast, and is so very mercilous. On such a hot day, six fire trucks from numerous districts showed up to help, and they kept the flames from taking the trees and spreading. Sorrowfully, two dogs were lost to the blaze. Leaving almost four hours late, my sister and I were only about two hours into our jaunt when the sheriff called and said the fire investigator needed the video she had taken, so our trip was aborted, though what we had was lovely and we will try to do it again before they leave town. My prayers and blessings go out the families whose lives were changed so quickly and so desperately this morning. The community is gathering to help, one of the sweetest things about small towns.

So with all the action and drama of the day, which is fortunately over for me, though sadly just barely sinking in for the families of today’s tragedy, I share with you all with an image of tranquility, that reminds us that there is still peace and beauty and (in my eternal opinion) hope in the lovely planet.


Somewhere in Exuma Sound.

Quote of the day: “Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward.”  — e.e. Cummings

Daily gratitudes:
That Mr. Man gave his hiccups to me
My “new” air conditioner
Little red capes



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