Thank you all for your love and support from my last few postings. You are all so special to me. I read an article about the “Anniversary Train” in which we have a choice about hopping aboard the train that carries the memories and mourning from the days on which we lost loved ones. It was timely, and I wonder what choices I will make about remembering these anniversaries going forward, but as I say, I am not filled with sadness, but with a sense of honor of having been a part of such a rich and rare experience.

Enough of that now.

We had our first big snowfall yesterday – nearly up to my knees – and my back felt like I shoveled the entire state’s-worth last night, but it was pretty. And so I send you a holiday card from Colorado tonight. This was taken on Saturday up where I work on the weekends. I hope that whatever and however you celebrate this season, that your festivities are full of joy.


Estes Park, Colorado.

Quote of the Day: “She was glad that the cozy house, and Pa and Ma and the firelight and the music, were now. They could not be forgotten, she thought, because now is now. It can never be a long time ago.” — Laura Ingalls Wilder

Daily gratitudes:
Unmet friends
Chance areas of complementary grace
Christmas lights
That Kelsea is home
As always, my MKL