Or perhaps I should say Blanket Line. We didn’t buy one of these, but MKL did pick up a lovely one at a different shop, and I bought one on my first visit to Mexico. It’s now sitting in its azure glory in my bedroom.


These are staples of not only established tourist shops, but can be found draped in front of private houses on the way into San Miguel. Quality varies, but the artistry is always lovely. Perhaps my azure one will move to the bed for summer. And I hope Mr. Man won’t be too hard on it.

As we are only feeling the hints of spring, I am still bundled like a confused ‘Princess and the Pea’, with a sheet, topped by a handmade vintage quilt bought at auction, topped by the piece of fleece that looks like the water as you fly over the Out Islands, which was bought for me by my Mother when she thought she had only a few months to live, topped by a down comforter that I’ve had for years, but that will need replacing soon, topped by a California King-sized maroon blanket that now belongs to Mr. Man. He’s on top of it at night, and under it during the day. Perhaps I should have called this post ‘Dissecting My Bedcovers’.

I remember my friend Millie telling me that somewhere in Montana, in the early summer, women put their quilts out on fences by the road for miles and mile, to air out and freshen in the wind, and to show off their handiwork. That’s a sight I’d like to see someday.

Quote of the day: “Both of you are threads in a carefully woven masterpiece of a blanket that is life. Parts of you are weaved into parts of him. There’s no changing that.” — K. Webster

Daily gratitudes:
The dog in the office window, asleep in his sunbeam
Finishing the FAFSA (temporarily)
My stepson of whom I’m so proud
The guys who fixed my printer problems at work