It may not have a sunrise like this, and even if it does, I won’t see it, but I’m ready for today to be done, so here we are. Having spent most of the weekend grappling with my fallen tree, I can honestly say that I hate this tree. And if you know me, you know I’m a tree-hugger, and have probably never said such a thing before. This tree is evil. It didn’t want to be here, and it doesn’t want to leave – worst guest ever. It slaps and cuts, it bites and bruises, it’s stubborn and pervasive. It’s a Siberian Elm that really should have just stayed in Siberia. There are logs and branches and twigs everywhere and I feel like it will take forever to make it go away. So I’m calling it a day. As my FB Friend Scott says,  the white flag is up. Tomorrow is another day.IMG_6570
Cozumel, Mexico.

Quote of the day: “A sunrise shows a new day has started, that whatever happened before is the past.” — Shannon McCrimmon

Daily gratitudes:
A beautiful day
Being clean after being super dirty
The scent of hyacinths
Oversized T-shirts