It has been a lovey weekend. Warm and sunny. We spent two nights at the north house. I slept until noon – such a luxury. I am pondering many questions about the innate goodness of humanity, the overpopulation and skyrocketing expenses of our beautiful state, and just what the next steps for MKL and I are. They are all baby steps – just like spring appears – one crocus, one iris, one storm that knocks out the green, and then one that makes dandelions explode. Ups and downs, just like everything else in life. And more and more ideas and baby steps to finishing up books.

I have been digging in the garden. Experiencing the agony and the ecstasy of the lawn mower (note to readers: don’t buy a TORO.) (Not to TORO, if you want to know why I say this, feel free to ask.) I have had such plans for the Bunglaow’s yard space since I moved in, but it’s SO MUCH WORK. I have no idea where I had the time to do this back when I lived in a house with four times the garden space. But I sincerely enjoy getting dirty, and clearing weeds (well, enjoy may be a bit strong of a word) and I bought a Peace rose today – one of my mother’s favorites – to plant in a corner going through its second tilling now. My grandmother’s green thumb skipped a generation and passed to me and my cousin T, so I think she’d be pleased. I’ll keep you posted with pictures. It’s a bit funny to put a lot of work into the Bungalow when I’m going to rent it, but I do want to make it happy for the next people.

While my garden will not look like this, this will give you an idea of a beautiful spring afternoon.

Sedalia, Colorado

Quote of the day: “Every way I turned the lush green peaks towered over me. Had it been winter or spring, they would have been iron gray or dappled with pink and white dogwood, sarvis, and redbud, but always they would be there, the mountains, their heights rounded by the elements like relics worn smooth by the hands of reverent pilgrims.” — Denise Giardina