My love for old things has persisted since I was born. They always said I was born an old soul, just like Kelsea. Unlike Kelsea, I was born an unhappy  old soul. My Mother told me that in my first few days, she was looking down at me, no doubt adoringly, and I was looking back at her with an expression that clearly said, “I don’t know about you.” Apparently, in my old mind, she was highly suspect. I went through my first decade at least just being pissed off that I was here. There was nothing anyone could do or say about it. That eased somewhat, over the years, and I have enjoyed being here. But I am still most drawn to things from bygone eras. MKL fortunately understands and mostly shares this preference. He gets that a pair of opera glasses won’t do – they need to be vintage mother-of-pearl opera glasses. In this case, a mundane pair of binoculars simply would’t suit, but the kind Meryl Streep might hold in ‘Out of Africa’, well, those will do quite nicely.

Sedalia, Colorado.

Quote of the day (and one of my all-time favorites): “God made the world round so we would never be able to see too far down the road.”  — Karen Blixen

Daily gratitudes: (last night, I thought I had typed my gratitudes, but I feel asleep in the process of posting, so somehow deleted them. So today, you get double.)

The man standing outside on his sidewalk yelling at people to slow down as the chruch traffic came barelling through my neighborhood on Sunday mornig
The homeless man reveling in the dancing waters this morning in front of Union Station
Pie and coffee with my MKL
A few judicious plant purchases
Joy, my Monday night companion
Being able to control my dreams (a new skill)}
The Great Australian Bake-off
Being excited about gardening
That Kelsea’s college ultimate frisbbee team is going to nationals (feel free to help them out here, since the University won’t support them because of the travel ban for state-funded institutions to go to North Carolina)
Cool nights and lovely days