And that something is COVID-19. Yes, so far 2022, is, for me, just banging. Coming in hot on Friday night, with a positive diagnosis on Saturday, fully vaccinated and boosted me has the Rona. I feel my symptoms are somewhere between mild and death.

I’m doing all the right things to take care of myself, so I’m sure it will be in my rear view mirror soon. Right now (perhaps as a blessing in disguise?), it has fogged my mind and taken my thoughts off of the loss of Roscoe, Dusty, and the house. I’m safe with and well cared for by MKL. My dear friend (who has lost her house and all her belongings in the fire) wonderfully brought me at-home tests, beautiful flowers, hot cocoa, and her lovely self yesterday. She came down with COVID-19 about one week after the fire; at least the virus was considerate enough to wait an extra week for me.

So, I feel bad. Just a different sort of bad than only emotionally bad. Achy. Coughy. Sniffy. Feverish. Sore throat. Headache. And grateful for the love, support, and caring that my friends have shown me. I am indeed living in interesting times.