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Most of the time, I know what this bloom is. But my brain said, “Not today, bobo”.
Amaranth, or as I prefer to call it, Love-Lies-Bleeding. I used to grow this from seed in the Circle Bed in the Cozy House gardens.
Some form of …Daisy?
Crème de la Roses.
You can try, but you can’t tame a wild rose.
The bushiest Lantana that I’ve ever seen.

MKL is amazed that I know the names of so many plants. Fair enough, since I’m impressed that he knows the names and functions of every BMW part, no matter how tiny or insignificant-looking.

Daily gratitudes:

  • MKL
  • The Jackalope Lady
  • The gentleman with the cowboy hat and gold lame fanny pack
  • How pretty I felt last night
  • Nick, my GPS navigator

Mostly taken through the windshield, so no one get their hopes up about quality.

Just ride though the notch by the butte to find me.
Storm before Trinidad.
Storm after Raton.
From the Best Little Rest Stop in the West..
Blue and Green.
You belong among the wildflowers.
In we go! And it was a doozy!
The road ahead.

Next stop — Santa Fe Opera. Gussying up for Falstaff tonight.

Daily gratitudes:

  • MKL
  • A hotel that’s a smidge swanky
  • That my COVID test was negative (even though I feel like crap)
  • A good cat sitter
  • Clouds. Always clouds.
Blue Mesa Reservoir.

Daily gratitudes: (I’m struggling today)

  • Salmon
  • Rain
  • A new cat tree that the cat likes

Not all who wander are lost applies particularly to me.

Outside of Gunnison, Colorado.

Daily gratitudes:

  • MKL
  • Adventure Days
  • Setting up house
  • Rain
  • Planting

Daily gratitudes:

  • Hummingbird frenzy
  • Work
  • Fans
  • Books
  • Tomorrow’s adventure

Daily gratitudes:

  • Finding a pump for the hot tub
  • Hummingbird Mania
  • Cool afternoons
  • Sunflowers rising
  • Cat Tail Communication
This is what greeted us when we arrived for our stay at Los Palomas.

Daily gratitudes:

  • Changing sides
  • Cats
  • Vegetable soup
  • Tickets
Have a seat.

Daily gratitudes:

  • Cool evenings
  • Cleaning up
  • Successful rescue
  • Soft feathers
  • Anticipation
Don’t forget to look up.

Daily gratitudes:

  • Working with MKL
  • Cats in sunbeams
  • Coffee
  • Sleep
  • Anna O.
La Novia

Daily gratitudes:

  • Rain
  • Good work
  • Warm baths
  • Good books
  • Mini-fashion shows
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