I will keep adding as things come up….

Be in a cranberry bog

Own a bar in the Caribbean

Sleep in an ice hotel

Swim with dolphins in the wild

Ride an ostrich

Send a message in a bottle

Make love on a train

Ride in a hot air balloon
Experience weightlessness

Find my power animals – CHECK!

Learn to ride horses

Dive the Great Barrier Reef

Climb the Great Pyramid

Run with the bulls

Attend the Viennese Ball

Visit Antarctica (brrrr)

Kiss the Blarney Stone

Learn to tango – well – and tango in Rio

Take a belly dancing class

Master my digital camera

Sell my writing

Sell my pictures

See Mount Rushmore – CHECK!

Go to the top of the Empire State Building

See the Blue Grotto

Spend a night in Capri

Go fire walking

Drive Route 66 – CHECK!

Visit all 50 states

See polar bears in Churchill

Spend two weeks in a cottage on the Cape

Visit Sanibel Island

Kayak in Baja

Sail on a tall ship

See the Northern Lights

See Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower

Stay in a really outrageously expensive hotel for one night

Drink Bellini’s at Harry’s Bar in Venice

See whales – CHECK!

See the Green Flash

Learn to sketch

Learn to juggle

Bake bread

Buy something at auction – CHECK!

Milk a cow

Watch sea turtles give birth

Watch sea turtles hatch – Check!

Ride a dog sled

Eat in the underwater restaurant in the Maldives

Make love on a deserted island

Drive the hills of Monte Carlo in a convertible

Visit the Galapagos

Learn to canoe

Visit Yelapa

Visit a Tibetan Monastary

Walk the Great Wall of China

Hike the Appalachian Trail (or at least part of it)

Spend two months in the Out Islands

Try on a really expensive necklace

Have something under glass (pheasant?)

Do a toe-shot in Alaska – CHECK!

Pet a stingray – CHECK!

Own a chiffon-maribou peignoir

Attend a séance

Eat at a smorgasbord

Have a meal with Bedouins

Go on a photo safari

Climb Mt. Kilamanjaro

Visit Machu Pichu

Learn to shoot well

Drive a car with the wheel on the right – CHECK!

Spend the night in a lighthouse

See the seven-toed cats of Key West

See the cherry blossoms in bloom in DC

Work in a bookstore

Have breakfast at Tiffanys

Drive a Big Rig

See the NYCB do the Nutcracker

Bathe in a waterfall – CHECK!

Ride a motorcycle through the Alps

Celebrate St. Patricks Day in Montserrat

Make a mosaic

Spend a night in the Sahara desert

Visit a concentration camp

Learn to ride a bike

Eat escargot

Hold a python

Learn to swordfight

Visit the place in Mexico where the monarch butterflies go

Spend the Day of the Dead in Mexico

Lie in a coffin

Ride in a rickshaw

Wear a ball gown

See the Kentucky Derby

Look through a giant telescope

Hold hands with a gorilla

See the swallows come back to Capistrano

Wear a hoopskirt somewhere public

Learn to play the saxophone

Wear thigh high boots

Interact in some way with a moose – CHECK!

Fly in a seaplane

Walk the Milford Track

Ride in a helicopter

Learn to rope something cowboy-style

Drink Limoncello in Cinque Terre (Venice would do)

Spend Groundhog Day in Puxhatawny, PA (did I spell that right?)

Walk on the moors

Dance the Mexican Hat Dance

Own two alpacas
Attend the Albuquerque Balloon Festival