And will keep adding to this one too…. It’s really fun once you start thinking about all the cool stuff you’ve done.

Taken a train across Canada
Been a street musician (well, dancer)
Had tequila for breakfast (BOC)
Had taxi cab races
Bought one really expensive pair of Italian shoes
Been arrested
Sailed a boat
Seen a Chinese funeral in San Francisco
Danced on a balcony in New Orleans
Had a box seat at the Met for Pavarotti
Watched the lighting of the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center
Talked my way onto a movie set in Chicago
Made love on top of a mountain
Broken into a house
Been wrapped naked in furs
Slept in a bed with mirrors on the ceiling
Given birth
Camped in a tent by the beach
Walked though a rain forest
Drank tequila on a Mayan temple
Seen the Southern Cross
Had champagne and oysters at the Ritz
Visited the Mudder Museum
Watched the Tower Bridge rise
Gone on a ghost tour
Been possessed by a ghost
Ridden a cable car
Had champagne at the Top of the Mark
Smoked a really good cigar
Grown a garden
Flown in a glider
Sat in hot springs in the snow
Visited a ghost town
Driven across the Bay Bridge
Taken class with a famous dance company
Touched a piece of the Titanic
Worn a paper jumpsuit
Drank champagne at the Oak Bar in the Plaza
Seen the inside of the Diamond District
Visited all 5 boroughs
Read palms
Worked as a production assistant on a movie
Visited Tijuana
Seen the moonlight on the beach in the Yucatan
Lived in a haunted house
Climbed a lighthouse
Been evacuated (by car and boat)
Felt an earthquake
Ridden in a limousine
Ridden an elephant
Ridden a camel
Stood in the middle of the field in Fenway Park when it was closed
Been an artists model
Done Halloween in New Orleans
Been a contestant in the Kinetics Race
Flip a pizza 9 feet in the air
Taken a shower with a horse
Bathed in a cold mountain stream
Owned a gold mine claim
Broken a bone
Been through a hurricane
Had my house catch fire
Held someone as they died
Seen a plane crash
Walked in a parade
Drank 150 year old rum
Made up identities for myself on airplanes
Seen the sunrise over the Atlantic
Seen the sunrise over the Pacific
Snorkeled with two turtles
Woken up in the South Pacific
Seen a volcano
Walked on cooled lava
Had tiny fish eat my skin
Tasted the water in the Salt Flats
Climbed to The Rock in West Virginia
Driven across country (but not coast-to-coast)
Had a hotel doorman know me by name
Had lunch at ’21’
Rung the bells iin a cathedral
Picked up a hitchiker (and scared him off)
Had carbon monoxide poisoning
Dived for and obtained a conch
Eaten Rocky Mountain Oysters
Tasted haggis
Drank absinthe under the moon
Gotten lost in the basement of the US Capitol
Drank rum out of a coconut
Drank fresh coconut water out of a fresh coconut
Met Allen Ginsburg (he stole my date)
Been propositioned by an 80-year old Scotsman at my brother’s 2nd wedding reception
Been hand-fed breakfast in bed
Petted a wolf
Watched the sun sink into the Caribbean
Danced on a piano
Drank kava from a coconut shell
Eaten dragonfruit
Fired a potato cannon
Been kissed by an alpaca
Bought something at auction
Ridden a mechanical bull
Been to a drag club
Laid in the middle of the street
Been to a pro baseball game
Been to a pro basketball game
Been to a pro football game
Planted a palm tree on a tropical beach
Dug for buried treasure with a coconut shell
Taught a parrot to say ‘Tequila’
Eaten deep-fried pickles
Cut down my own Christmas tree in the Colorado mountains
Had my hair catch fire
Been a ghost hunter for a night
Gone down an ice slide
Done a toe shot in Alaska
Gotten frostbite
Gone to the Yukon
Gone to the Out Islands
Had Kopi Luwak coffee
Watched and heard howler monkeys in the jungle
Encouraged hatchling turtles to the sea
Pet a giant iguana
Gone to the top of the Space Needle
Ridden the Monorail
Become a landlord