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Y’all come on down to the new blog, because I keep forgetting to cross post here!

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I’d love to see you over there.

Not an actual dog. That’s just a dream. But I’m hoping folks will come visit the new blog. It’s slow going capturing new readers these days, so I’ll cross post here with a link to the latest.

The Death of an Appliance

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Hello, all. It’s been a year (an understatement if I’ve ever typed one) and one of many changes. But here’s the change that I dropped in to tell you:

I have a new blog and I’m inviting you to come follow me. It’s fitting for the wonderful changes in my life.

Here it is:

I’m still and always will be Seasweetie and this blog will still be here, but I’m writing at a new location, in my life, in my heart, and so, in the blogosphere.

I do hope you’ll join me there.

Sending you all the love in the world.

Dear Postal Person,

Thank you for taking the trouble to push through the snow on my gate and my path to put my parcels in the comfy porch chair. I assume that you’re getting paid during the government shutdown, but I know that your job takes a lot of attention to detail, some risk, and a lot of steps (hopefully to keep you healthy), and I appreciate that. If you put me on the end of your route some summer day, maybe we can sit down on the porch (you get the comfy) chair, and have a beer or a Coke or some tea.


To the neighbors,

Thank you for putting and keeping the magical lights in your trees. I don’t even care that they’re not really in the trees — they look as if they are. When I first saw them, I felt like a child again, delighted with all the wonder and mystery of Christmas. I felt that same tonight, so happy that they were still there. I may have to find a way to get magic lights in my little apple tree in the front yard of the bungalow, so I can see them every day. A little sense of magic in your life every day is a very good thing.


Dear World,

There are some days when I don’t interact with anyone, which leaves little room for love notes to humans, but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to which to write a love note. Tonight, I write a love note to owls, and send it to them on the black wind.

To the Long-Eared Owl, glimpsed through changing aspen trees many September ago, in the woods somewhere outside of Crested Butte, on one of those journeys that shaped the years to come. To the baby Western Screech Owl, nestled in the corner of a porch, so still that I wasn’t sure it was real. To the Barn Owl in the Portland Zoo, whose ghost face leapt brightly from the shadows of a rough-hewn roof beam. To the Great Horned Owls who lived in the towering White Fir tree outside my pink cottage, who hooted to one another in my sad darkness, gently, until I learned their language and could hoot in response. Especially to the one who, one night as I made my way across the cold dead grass, swooped so low, so huge, so close to my head that I had to duck, that I could feel the draft from the beat of his wings. And finally, to the pair, as yet unseen, that speak softly outside my window on rare wee hours in the Bungalow. I hope that one day I can learn how to talk to them as well.

great horned owl


Dear MKL,

I love that even when we’re both “off”, we can still have a wonderful time together. It was lovely to see you two days in a row, and I believe missing each other, while certainly not optimal, is proof that absence makes the heart grow fonder. All my love.


(Because yesterday should have been No. 19 — calendars and I are apparently not simpatico.)

Dear Andrea,

Thank you for your friendship and your beauty. You’re one tough cookie, and I’m so happy that you’ve made a connection with someone who appreciates you for you. I know I certainly do


September 2021


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