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OK, it’s just a mini-one-night road trip, but still….yippee!

My last couple of mini-road trips haven’t been particularly stellar, due to my frame of mind.  But I’m optimistic for this one because, well, I’m just feeling more optimistic these days.  It was an impulse decision this morning to go away tomorrow to see something new and cool before I hit the cubicle next week.  It’s an Ice Festival up in the mountains in an old town that I’ve only driven through before.  (As you can see, I continue to try to embrace winter as fully as possible, for which I deserve a pat on the hand, or elsewhere if you choose.)  So look for a tale of adventure, woes, joys, villans, food, hidden treasure and old graves this weekend, complete with pictures.  I believe there’s internet at the reformed (wait, I mean remodeled) schoolhouse-turned-inn at which I am staying, just in case installments are necessary.

To whet your appetite, here are a couple of pictures from yesterday’s blister-inducing hike:

I have always loved travelling alone.  It is nice to remember what I have always loved.  It’s a challenge when you’ve shared so much of yourself and the things and places you love with someone you love who you don’t have anymore.  I was feeling so desperate for a while, thinking I could not return to those places, those activities without memories pulling too hard at my heart.  I am overcoming that little tiny bit by little tiny bit, and focusing on loving me, and remembering who I am at heart all by myself, remembering that the things I loved before I loved the man are still the things I love.  I just showed my love – and shared my love – by sharing them with him.  And sharing your love – and loving yourself –  is what life’s all about.

Time to sync up the iPod!  And to share with you the beautiful moonrise this evening…

July 2020


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