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Inside Sunrise.
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Today’s gratitudes:

  • A good hike
  • That Monday is almost over
  • My bathtub
  • Wearing MKL’s shirts when he’s not here

The Cottage is great. 

The Cottage has the following components:

Living Room
Bedroom #1
Bedroom #2
Little terrace outdoors

Just enough room for two – maybe even 2 1/2.  But there is one problem.

The Cottage has NO closets.  None.  Zip. Zilch.  Zero.

Oh, it has a space that holds the furnace, and next to that are a few hooks and 3 shelves.  I guess a purist could call that a closet.  It holds the toolbox, laundry soap, one unusable suitcase with which I cannot bear to part, the sewing basket, and a collapsible cooler.  That’s it.

In other words, this would be the perfect house for a nudist (except for the large windows that look out onto the Christian Church across the Open Space).  But it is a big problem for a woman and a teenage girl. 

I mean, seriously.  Who builds a house without closets??

I never considered myself a clothes horse.  I’m certainly not on the scale of 90% of the women I know who have multiple closets for their own stuff.  And I’ve been getting rid of things.  A few things are still at Pat’s, but I could part with most of them.  Those things I can’t part with will just have to stay there until I move.  Because clothes space in the Cottage is out of control.  The previous occupant left me a wardrobe, the top half of which can be used for hanging things, the bottom half of which has two shelves.  The rod in the wardrobe is about 3 1/2 feet long.  That’s it.  That’s where clothes can be hung.  And it’s packed.  I did hang hooks on the backs of every available door to make a little more space, and those hooks are now overflowing due to my pajama menagerie and 1940s movie star lingerie fetish.  So it’s making me look at my wardrobe a little differently these days.

I hadn’t really updated my work wardrobe for a couple of years, and when I left the last full-time job, I didn’t think I’d be getting another one.  As we know, life’s what happens when you’re making other plans, and so I find myself very much hoping for another full-time job just now.   Which leads me to feel the need for work clothes again – or at least interview clothes.  Which I don’t have room for.  Because I have NO closets.

I do have some nice clothes, but they’re casual and frankly, they’re designed for the Caribbean, not for Colorado.  So changes will have to be made. 

When the house comes through, I will have not only closets (4 of them!), but a garage, where I can put things like toolboxes and Christmas Tree stands.  I swear I will feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven.  There’s even an attic!  I know this because the attic window is clearly visible.  However, the entrance to said attic is invisible.  It doesn’t seem to exist within the house – not in the ceilings of any of the rooms (or closets).  I’ll have to leave that discovery to my inspection person when the time comes.

But that hasn’t happened yet.  And neither has the need for a major wardrobe shift.  No house yet, no job yet.  I’m just waiting as patiently as possible, and planning ahead.  I can feel that it’s all going to come together somehow soon.  I’m on the precipice.  On the verge.

In the meantime, the best thing to do, I’ve decided, is clean out the wardrobe.  Some of those nice Caribbean things will need to go.  Others may need to go into a trunk, which will go who knows where.  Maybe into the office, once I rearrange it.  (I’ve always wanted one of those old antique trunks.)  And I’m sure I have a lot of pieces that aren’t exactly classic (read, completely out of date.)

So I guess as long as everything else is changing, my “look” (gag) might as well change too. 

It’s really just a shame that I hate to shop. 

November 2022


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