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Corners Diner, which looks sadly defunct.
Such unique rock formations.
Curves ahead.
Roadside barn.
And roadside shed.
My stomach was disappointed that it could not have a burger at the Dog Bar. A little too early for the season.
Happy Mailboxes.

Today’s gratitudes:

  • That MKL came up for the day
  • Only nine more days until I actually live with my husband
  • That the Fire Department is trying to contain the fire four miles northwest of here (which is really stressing me out)
  • A successful experimental smoothie

I know that I’ve been – still or once again – rather silent in my writing.  As you can probably tell, my blues are still hanging on, and are influenced by the least (or the most) little thing.  Though I’ve had much to write about, between my mental state and another exceptionally busy time at work, I just haven’t been.  My little sister told me this morning that I would feel better if I was writing every day, even if what I was writing was about sadness.  She may well be right – she often is when it comes to me.

As I have been trying to instill more discipline in my life – in work, in training, and in taking care of myself – I am committing to try to instill more writing discipline in myself for the blog.  I’ve been well-disciplined with the Photo of the Day, and I’m proud of that.  But the blog is here to be my writing practice, as well as a form of self-expression.

Time to get down to the bones.

Black Cat Books

November 2022


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