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Denver Haiku

A shrouded city
Slides a sleek cloud of tongues
Across its dwellers.

Opposable thumbs
A capricious gift wasted
On clueless humans.

Birds behind a screen
Taunt me with their carefree song.
“Hush” aches in my claws.

In home’s sweet darkness
I race with wild abandon
Alarming sleepers.

They say they own me.
Enslavement is elusive.
Who is the keeper?

I dislike this food
So I return it to you
A gift for bare feet.

Scratch behind my ears.
I share my love sparingly.
Stop at my command.

Sleeping pillowed head,
Path for my little cat feet
To the other side.

Still as a statue
I curl next to your ankles
Waiting for your step.

Your cooking tempts me.
Chicken on the countertop.
My claws climb your leg.

Nestled in your curves
I spoon with you warily
Until you crush me.

I allow the dog
To drool without cessation
Lying in  your bed.

Lest you forget me
I leave my most precious hairs
Upon your best clothes.

Thought I would experiment with haiku this week … here are 4 to peruse…

Geese pepper the sky
Wings lingering through sunset
Hastening winter

My hands turn to bone
As the chill creeps inside them
Killing summer’s blood

Eyes become crystals
Snow slithers from pregnant clouds
Freezing unshed tears of loss

Pansies encrypted
In their pottery coffins
Wait for spring’s warm breath

My submission for Thursday Poets Rally Week 34!

Thanks to Jingle for the Perfect Poet Award for Week 34! (

For week 35, I’d like to nominate Neha, whose work can be found here:

October 2021


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