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I don’t know if this means it’s a sale on Big Jesuses or if it’s a big sale that encompasses all Jesuses, but either way the sign struck my fancy. I mean, you can’t buy Jesus. He’s way too ethical for that. I don’t actually recall even seeing any Jesuses at this interesting and chock-full shop that popped up on the other edge of Cerrillos Road from Jackalope, which it is trying to resemble. It was worth a stop on the way out of town.


Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Quote of the day: “I thought such awful thoughts that I cannot even say them out loud because they would make Jesus want to drink gin straight out of the cat dish.” — Anne Lamott

Daily gratitudes:
The light smell of rain
A peek-a-boo sunset
Shared experiences
Good books
Clean sheets

This picture is appropriate for today. While it has been a lovely day, with a lovely start, and a lovely visit with Kelsea, I am wallowing a bit in my maternal sadness, which translates into grumpiness. I bought her a one-way plane ticket to college today. I know this is exactly what we all want for our children, for them to grow and thrive and make the world a better place, but it is hard. I just want her to stay with me forever. Sigh. I’ll accustom myself to the change. And if I can get her to install it on her computer, there’s always Skype.

Crab Gathering
Surf City, North Carolina.

Quote of the day: “I was wise enough never to grow up, while fooling people into believing I had.” — Margaret Mead

Daily gratitudes:
Having a caring, smart, amazing daughter
Cool nights and firepits
The sun being a blood-red ball as it sets



It was a rainy day in Washington. I had gotten a speeding ticket, was lost, and my phone was dead. I went into a gas station, found a map, and brought it to the counter. The young man looked at it and our dialogue was as follows:

Young Man:: You wanna buy that?
My thought: Why else would I have brought it to the counter?
My response: Yes. How much is it?
Young man: 55 dollars.
My thought: You’re flipping kidding me. (I might have thought a stronger “F” word.)
My response: Excuse me?
Older Man Standing Behind Young Man: I think that’s five dollars.
Young Man: Why do you want that?
My thought and response: Because I’m lost and I need a map.
Young Man: Why don’t you just use your phone?
Thought/response: Because my phone is dead.
Older Man Standing Behind Young Man:  I can sell you a phone charger.
My escalated thought/response: I don’t want a phone changer. I want a map. Do you want to sell me this map? I just got here, and I don’t know where I am and I just got a speeding ticket and I’d like to buy this map.
Young Man: Where’d you get a speeding ticket?
Increasingly steaming brain/response: I don’t know where I got a speeding ticket because I DON”T KNOW WHERE I AM.
(They stare at me, waiting for clarification.)
Me (sighing): It was some long straight road with no signs telling me how fast I was supposed to be going.
They both nod and make sage-like, grunting sounds, and comment how troopers are always stopping speeders there.
Me: Can I just buy the map please?
Young Man: You really want this?
Me (in my most sinister, sarcastic, hissing, piratical tone): Yes, I really think I do.

I finally got my map. But I’m not quite sure what to think about Washingtonians.

Quote of the day: “A map says to you, read me carefully, follow me closely, doubt me not…I am the earth in the palm of your hand.” — Beryl Markham

Daily gratitudes:
My new cube backdrop of Cow Wreck (thanks to Christine, Elisa, and Walker Magnum)
That I found two apps that just play the sound of the ocean on my phone
That my darling daughter’s last day of high school is tomorrow
That MKL tells me that he loves how my eyes shine when I look at him
That Mr. Man seems to be feeling a little better (and that I have another idea about solving his ‘thinking outside the box’ issue


From our rental car on Great Exuma. Perhaps if I could read the language…or at least make sense of the picture.


Quote of the day: “Each moment of worry, anxiety or stress represents lack of faith in miracles, for they never cease.”   —  T.F. Hodge

Daily gratitudes:
MKL – I’m so proud of him
The dog perfectly balanced on the tall toolbox in the back of the pickup truck in front of me
Daffodils waving in the wind
A night when I don’t need a coat to take out the trash

Lovely Watchers

Clothilde the charming pink chicken greets me of a morning,
With Porque squeaking a cheery hello to brighten up the cold
(which he is not accustomed to).
Hermie nestles next to Milo, their spikes mingling companionably,
While Henrietta and Captain Jack
lean against the wall, seductively oozing rubber sleaze.
A single gull flies captive within the white and
turquoise of the room, keeping a weather eye over me,
as he did over my Father for years and years.
A pair of baby seals snuggle atop the dresser,
While Bun Bun and Mommy’s Bear warm the bed,
Rudolfo prickling in the covers at its foot.
“They” lie in wait between the windows,
and I drape myself in baby ducks each morning.
It is
a very full
and lovely bedroom.


Racing across the field
Snouts to the wind,
Trotters trotting,
Hooves kicking up the dry Kansas dust,
They bounce,
They bound,
They skip,
They prance,
They rise,

They fly.

Note: I’m a late starter to NaPoWriMo, so I’ll have to catch up by writing a couple of extra poems in one day!

So, I was doing a Google search on a medical symptom yesterday – because of course, when you have a medical symptom, you look at the Internet instead of going to an actual doctor – and while I found some reassuring answers to my symptom, Google also suggested that I might find the following searches pertinent:

Why can’t I own a Canadian?

Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?

And apparently, from the image below, I’m not the only person this has happened to.

Just wanted to share…


Incongruity in a small town.


Kremmling, Colorado.

Quote of the day: “Long accustomed to a life of self-indulgent solitude, he began to yearn for the beauty of giving himself to others.”  —  Yasunari Kawabata

Daily gratitudes:
Sunny January days
Yummy lasagna
Discovering super-low gas prices
Loving someone enough that it’s hard to sleep without him

His Wife’s Idea, No Doubt

His red suitcase –
A color chosen to make it stand out
amongst a sea of black bags –
and now like all other red suitcases
chosen to be outstanding –
Has a garland of fake
silk flowers wrapped around its handle
a surefire way to identify
it emerging from the bowels
of the baggage carousel.

He is completely secure
In his masculinity
Since even his bag
Has gotten leied.

He speaks (or sings) for himself.

Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Quote of the day: “The experience of beauty does something profound and powerful within the heart and soul of every human being.  Beauty creates wonder in us.”  —  Steve DeWitt

Daily gratitudes:
Book titles that come to mind and then escape me
Commercials that make me cry
The endless supply of books that have revivified Sherlock Holmes

January 2023


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