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It was a beautiful morning today. The rainy weather provided as Kelsea’s graduation present is taking a little break. The Triangle Building is going up next door to the building in which I write for a living, and it’s really cool. My co-worker Christine and I have supervised every scoop of earth, cable laid, beam positioned, and glass panel installed from our upstairs window. We think we did a splendid job, don’t you?

Beautiful Day
Denver, Colorado.

Quote of the day: “The three facets of the great writer — magic, story, lesson — are prone to blend in one impression of unified and unique radiance, since the magic of art may be present in the very bones of the story, in the very marrow of thought…Then with a pleasure which is both sensual and intellectual we shall watch the artist build his castle of cards and watch the castle of cards become a castle of beautiful steel and glass.” — Vladimir Nabokov

Daily gratitudes:
A goose resting comfortably on the roof of an SUV
Red-winged blackbirds
The elderly waiter at the Broker
Reservations for Cottonwood Hot Springs
My friend Pam’s wonderful new job for which she is perfect!

6:00 – Shower.

6:15 – Step on cat lurking under the edge of the tub as you get out of the shower.

6:20 – Finish apologizing to cat.

6:30 – Put contacts in.

6:50 – Finally finish putting contacts in because one feels like you’re putting broken glass in eye.

6:55 – Realize you have to skip breakfast in order to catch bus.

7:00 – Try to find frozen food to take for lunch.

7:05 – Watch one pound of frozen shrimp fly out of freezer and crash-land on special cat-milk-saucer brought carefully from 1000 miles away.

7:10 – Finish cleaning up shattered remnants of saucer.

7:11 – Wash floor with tears.

7:12 – Realize you’ve missed bus; drive to next Park n’ Ride.

7:20 – Find out you’ve been standing in the wrong bus line as correct bus is about to pull away.

8:10 – Arrive at destination bus station.

8:20 – Get coffee and ginger cookie on way to work to reset the crappy start of your day.

8:30 – Spill coffee on pants.

8:31 – Drop ginger cookie on floor.

8:33 – Eat crumbs of ginger cookie from carpet.

9:00 – Experience first hot flash of the day.

9:30 – While in bathroom, discover that you’ve put your underwear on inside out.

10:30 – Realize that your hair is sticking in out multiple directions – apparent bun failure.

10:31 – Take hair down.

10:32 – Discover you don’t have a hairbrush.

10:33 – Fluff hair hoping it will look fashionably tousled, instead of uncombed.

10:34 – Realize you forgot to put make-up on one eye.

10:35 – Wash make-up off other eye, resulting in appearing like you are sick or tired.

10:45 – Drop cell phone.

10:46 – Drop office keys while trying to recover cell phone.

10: 55 – Step on untied shoe bow while walking downstairs.

11:00 – Erase all memory of morning by snuggling into loving arms of fiancé.

I’m ready to start the afternoon.

November 2022


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