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I visited my shaman today and felt much better – it’s like therapy only different.  I highly encourage the curious among you to explore it..

Being around my new boss is like riding on Space Mountain in whatever amusement park that is..

I am worth little financially, but rich in spirit.

I’m ready to file the divorce papers.  It’s a bitter pill to swallow.

How do you get a window out of a window frame without making the whole house fall down?  Clearly, I’m not a handyman.  But it’s a matter of pride to figure out how to do this with no male assistance.  It’s not genetic, for heavens sakes.

Why has my home suddenly become a refuge for roly-polys?  I swear I put at least five outside each morning.  Is this a function of the house being feng-shuied?  And when I was growing up, we called them sowbugs.  Who instigated the name change?

Kelsea saw a bumper sticker that read “God was my co-pilot.  But we crashed in the mountains and I was forced to eat him.”  Irreverant?  You betcha.  But it makes me laugh, and God – or the Gods – like laughter.  A supreme being can’t take itself too seriously.

This morning I noticed that the light was edging towards fall.  It was dimmer and cooler when I awoke.  Plums are nearing heavy on the trees. 

Horse and Pony from the house on the corner have gone.  I do not know where they went, but since the house is for sale, I have to assume they won’t be back.  I miss them.  I used to say good morning to them every day on my way out, and hi to them every evening on my way home.

I seem to write in my head a lot, but when it comes time to put it down, I can’t find it anymore.  I kind of miss writing on paper.  There was something so permanent and personal about it, much moreso than typing on a computer. 

Remember the days of the typewriter, with the ribbon, and carbon paper?  And how excited we were when the erasing backspace key came into existence?  Kids today….so spoiled!

I need reading glasses – ick.

It seems extremely unfair to have hot flashes WHILE you are having your period.  One OR the other, okay, hormones?   (TMI, but then I have a tendency to speak my mind.)

Captain Jack the Rubber Chicken stands watch beside the clock radio in the bedroom.  No household is complete without a rubber chicken.

Tomorrow is going to be a very, very long work day – lots to do at both jobs.

And so,

Good night.

rubber chicken

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