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Dear Bridget,

Thank you for you. For feeling the effects of that long flight of stairs with me. For hugs. For being light about death because it has touched you so often. For sharing my bitching. For laughing with me. For caring.


I’m delighted to have been nominated for The Sunshine Award by fellow blogger Katherine Givens!  Katherine is an aspiring and inspiring writer – indeed, she IS a novelist!  Please check out her blog.

Here’s how The Sunshine Award works:


1. Copy and paste the award logo to your post. (Check!)

2. Answer the eight questions. (Check!)

3. Nominate 10 other people. (Check!)


1. What is your favorite Christmas/festive movie?

It’s A Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart.  I wish I could get someone to watch it with me!

2. What is your favorite flower?

That’s a tough one, because I love them all. But probably daisies.  I think it was Meg Ryan in “You’ve Got Mail” who said “I love daisies. They’re so friendly.”

3. What is your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?

San Pellegrino. Without question.

4. What is your passion?

Writing. Creating. Beaches. Was I supposed to name only one passion? Oops.

5. What is your favorite time of year?

Spring. When things have gotten warm and everything blooms and that green explodes in the trees.

6. What is your favorite part of the day?

Whenever I am with people I love.

7. What is your favorite physical activity?


8. What is your favorite vacation?

A beach. Tropical or not. But tropical is probably better.

Who I Nominate:

The Kitchens Garden – Checking in on Miss C and the farmy is the first thing I do on my phone in the morning. I’ve never had a more pleasant wake-up call, and she has inspired me to make my alarm sound like a crowing rooster. Although I must admit, that’s a little annoying.

Uprooted Magnolia – Leah is like me in some ways (and that’s not why I like her, but it does make me feel a certain kinship) as she is a photographer and a transplanted-to-the-West Southern girl.

A Winsome Journey – With my love of llamas and alpacas, how could I not love this blog from Misty Maple Farms?

365Sparkles – I have followed Cin and her photography across two countries now (yes, it’s true, Cin!) and her delight in the little things in her world always warms my heart.

Honest Toddler – Don’t drink anything while reading this, or you’ll spit whatever it is out laughing.  If you’ve ever had a toddler, you’ll recognize the voice. If you’ve yet to have a toddler, you’ll learn something.

Melissa Not Dusting – Melissa is a fabulous photographer – I get all envy-green-wistful when I look at her images.

Lust and Rum – Anton is a photographer who captures the grit of life in such a way as to make it beautiful – he has a skill I admire, but could not hope to achieve. And I adore the blog title.

Unlikely Explanations – Laura makes me giggle. And teaches me things. What could be better?

The White Buffalo Woman’s Blog – Amazing poetry – her words reflect both my pain and my healing.

The Water Witch’s Daughter – SuziCate is a lyrical writer and photographer who transports me back home and reminds me of the wonder and blessings of life.

Please take a few moments to visit these wonderful blogs, and have a lovely weekend.

This is one of those phrases I never thought I’d hear myself utter. Much like the phrase “Don’t feed the possum, Mother,” which was a classic from six years ago. But utter it I did,

I generally think of myself and of MKL as peaceful people. We both strive for a chill alignment with the universe and to be essentially messengers of love and light. So pardon my surprise when he revealed, during a trip to our local Jax, sporting goods/farm equipment shoppe extraordinaire, a strong hankering for a Glock. And we’re not talking Glockenspiel.

Jax Mercantile in Lafayette

Nope, he wanted a gun. He grew up in the wooly wilds of Kansas and learned to shoot at age six. He’d owned guns before but hadn’t had one for a number of years, as he has been busy raising kid(s). Well, the kids are all grown except for one, The Boy, who is 17 and so can be classified as nearly grown.  So MKL, perhaps emboldened by my trusty companion Jimmy, decided it was time to take the plunge again.

After all, the couple that target shoots together….well, it’s a togetherness activity that we share.

Since the prices at Jax seemed a bit steep, we decided to wait a couple of weeks until the Tanner Gun Show.

I’ve never been to a gun show before. In fact, I’m not a big gun fan. I didn’t grow up with them. I know they are dangerous, especially with kids around and especially especially should they fall into the wrong hands. But I’ve gotten past that, and I’ve enjoyed target shooting. It’s self-challenging and exacting. So off we went to Glock shop.

I couldn’t take pictures inside the show, which was held at the lovely Merchandise Mart in Denver. I’m not sure why, but I wasn’t really pumped to test the rules of security at a gun show.  Perhaps the folks there value their privacy more than others. I have to say they were certainly the most polite bunch of folks that I’ve been crammed into a ginormous room with, ever. Pondering this later, it makes sense. Because almost everyone there was already armed, so pissing off strangers is not a good idea.

MKL did find the Glock of his dreams and the ammo to go with it, and bought me some ammo for good measure.  I was intrigued by a rose-gripped 38 Special and an engraved snub-nose 354 Magnum, but I think there are cash priorities for me these days that supersede firearms purchases.

The pepper spray that not only disables your attacker, but turns him or her a glowingly bright shade of green for 21 days was a serious temptation, and is a 95% certain future purchase.

The vintage army/navy surplus clothing reminded me that somewhere, in some trunk, I own a wool navy sergeant’s middy in perfect condition that I bought at the Salvation Army in Durham right before I moved out here.

And I coveted the small taxidermied cobra, who would have been a perfect companion for Dude the Armadillo.

Then, there it was. The pistol of my dreams. A pearl-handled Colt Lightning revolver from 1877. When I held it in my hand, I knew that I had held this exact gun sometime else, long ago, before. It melted into my palm as if it were just an extension of my arm.  I gazed at it in amazement. The price? $1500. What does that mean? On this day, when my job and future income was hanging by a tenuous thread? You guessed it – a forced parting. Oh, but I longed for her (and yes, she was a her).

I didn’t think I would ever have such an immediate (or any) attachment to a gun. But life surprises you sometimes.  Since I have seen that she is out there, I suspect our paths will cross again someday. And since I couldn’t take a picture of her myself, here’s one that’s the very image of her.

I think her name is Rose. But I’m not quite sure yet.

We concluded our day by driving Kelsea and her BFF to a fancypants dinner at the St. Julien Hotel. You will note that they looked most elegant in their little black dresses, although watching my teenage daughter walk into a hotel in her short, tight, black dress made me utter something else that I never thought I would and that will not be published here.

Kelsea (left) and her BFF

Note: I’ve had a lot of posts that I’ve written in the past sort of lying in wait, so instead of keeping YOU waiting, I’m going to start posting them.  You’ll be out of sequence in my life, but no worries, so am I.

We all have original thoughts.

This particular thought is certainly not proven by our culture these days.  How many movies are remakes of or sequels to old movies? Hollywood doesn’t seem to have an original bone in its botoxed, plasticized body.

But we bloggers do.  We are full to the brim of original bones, thoughts, sin  – oh wait, maybe not sin. Well, maybe so…anyhoo, I am daily amazed at the creativity and inspirations that are posted on Freshly Pressed, and on the blogs that I subscribe to.  And yes, for you grammarians, I did end that sentence in a preposition. 

Which is why I am so fascinated when another blogger writes a post that I had in mind for this blog.  This phenomenon is at the forefront of my hindbrain because it has happened twice in the last week.

The blog, Another Nobody Writing About Their Life is one of my new favorites.  I just love this girl.  I kind of wish she’d change the title because she’s so NOT a nobody to me.  She’s a fantastic photographer with a great eye for other people’s beautiful shots, and an exceedingly clever sense of the ironic, fun and important.  Last week, she published a post about shoes.  She had no idea how long I’ve been mulling the exact same thing – a photo post about outrageous shoes.  And she did so well with it that I feel like I don’t need to write my own now.  I probably will one day, but for now, I am satiated.

Every single morning, I look forward to Jackie’s posts at Twist365.  Without fail, she makes me snort-laugh, no matter how bad my blues are.  In her last Wednesday’s post, In Defense of Pigeons, she took the words right out of my mouth (so to speak).   I absolutely loved it.  And once again, I found that someone else had somehow channelled my blog-brain into her own post.  (Anyone who knows me knows that I have raised the question of where pigeons go to die.  And coincidentally enough, on Tuesday, I saw two dead pigeons on the side of the road in two separate places.  I’ve never seen a pigeon that’s been hit by a car.  Pheasant yes, pigeon, no.)

How does it happen?  Of all the millions (?) of bloggers out there, how am I drawn to those of like mind?  I do still believe there are original thoughts.  But I also wonder what it is that connects some of our brains – what patterns criss-cross to link us, people who have never spoken, never met, and don’t even know where each other live?  How do we somehow step on each other’s toes in the universal mindfield?

It’s an intriguing idea.  Even if it’s not an original one.

Since, as I have said before, I feel that gratitude may be an important missing link in my life, I am starting the daily blessings page – daily may be pushing it at first but it’s important that we all remember to look for the little things that bring us joy.  (And one of those is that I can indeed sound like a Hallmark card on occassion, and so have reason to laugh at myself.)

Please feel free to send a comment with something that warmed your heart today, and in the days to come, and I’ll be happy to include it here.  The more we see to be grateful for, and the more we share the little joys with one another, the stronger and happier we will all feel.

August 2021


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