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I had no idea how many different kinds of starfish there were until I tried to identify this specific one. And each has its own palette and personality. I debated these are netted starfish, mostly because I love that name – it’s as if they were stars caught falling from heaven – or seestern starfish, which I believe it the accurate classification. But if they are any knowledgeable marine biologists out there who can confirm otherwise, please do so. To me, they are just beautiful. And tonight, MKL and I hope to catch a glimpse of our own falling stars, in the form of the tail-end of the Perseid meteor shower.

Surf City, North Carolina.

Quote of the day: “Look down and you may miss a shooting star in the sky. Look up and you may miss a starfish in the sand. But quick, look straight ahead and tell me what is that big, blurry thing that’s so bright? Oh yeah, that’s my love for you.” — Jarod Kintz

Daily gratitudes:
Seeing a big snake on my walk today
Going to the dog park without a dog to get my dog fix
Snuggly cat
Blue skies
Fresh peaches
How good life is

Still awaiting spring. Sigh. It’s not going to get out of the 50s for a week, which is very unusual for this time of year. But what they’ve always said about Colorado is “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.” However, the light is lovely reflecting dully off the snow. I have told MKL that next year, I want to learn to ski, so that I can find some pleasure in the cold.  If my ankle ever heals. Sigh. Can you tell I have a case of the gloomies? And so, as I do when I have the gloomies, I revert to sea dreams.


Surf City, North Carolina.

Quote of the Day: “Life is absolutely, mysteriously beautiful.”  —  Tom Spanbauer

Daily gratitudes:
Cooking without burning things
Elisa’s daughter
Snowflakes in my hair
Old movies on snowy nights
Happiness in Kelsea’s voice

November 2022


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