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I had the pleasure of watching the California Zephyr pull into Union Station on my way into work the other morning. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a train trip of any length, and it’s on our to-do list. When I was 14, my parents took E-Bro and me on a train trip up from Durham to DC to Montreal, across Canada to Vancouver, and then down to Seattle and San Francisco. (My father woke me up at 3:00 a.m. so we could get off the train and say we’d been to Moose Jaw.) It was wonderful and I’d love to do a trip like that with MKL. For now, I’ll have to be satisfied with watching the Zephyr come and go.

Denver, Colorado.

Quote of the day: “She had more curves than a scenic railway.” —  P.G. Wodehouse (one of my favorite authors)

Daily gratitudes:
Migraine medicine
That the lady at the DMV gave me three tries to get a good driver’s license photo (maybe)
Blue skies
How nice everyone at Western Washington University has been to deal with
Having my blog shared by my Southern Soul Sister at So Does That Mean I’m Southern

The beginning and the end of a lovely, cool, woodland hike yesterday. This tunnel is still used by trains crossing the Continental Divide today. As we arrived, the engine of a long coal train was just emerging. I drove my parents up here a long, long time ago, when you could still get closer to the mouth of the tunnel. Like MKL, my father loved trains.


Quote of the day: “I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” — G.K. Chesterton

Daily gratitudes:
The cool of the mountains
Small souvenirs

We saw this road from the train, and then we had the chance to drive it. It was as delicious as it looked. It was wonderful how the train crossed the road, back and forth, over and over. People would stop and get out of their cars to wave and take pictures as we passed by. I’d like to see the train from the road, now that I’ve seen the road from the train!


Somewhere in New Mexico…or maybe Colorado.

Quote of the day: “Cherish your solitude. Take trains by yourself to places you have never been. Sleep out alone under the stars. Learn how to drive a stick shift. Go so far away that you stop being afraid of not coming back. Say no when you don’t want to do something. Say yes if your instincts are strong, even if everyone around you disagrees. Decide whether you want to be liked or admired. Decide if fitting in is more important than finding out what you’re doing here. Believe in kissing.” — Eve Ensler

Daily gratitudes:
Jessica in physical therapy
That the ocean is somewhere out there, east or west
A patch of blue sky in the grey
Reiki bubbles
Knowing that what’s given to my heart is more important than what I wear on my finger

The railyard in Alamosa is home to numerous old passenger train cars and vintage engines. We poked around for a good half-hour, and I got to experience crawling under a train, something I doubt I’ll ever be able to do again – and I’m glad it wasn’t moving. I still got dirty. 🙂 The lace curtains in this passenger car hearken back to days gone by, when travel by train was an elegant experience.


Alamosa, Colorado.

Quote of the day: “The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It’s the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows & the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.” — Audrey Hepburn

Daily gratitudes:
The sound of the wind and the rain on night streets
Kissing my sleeping daughter


I miss cabooses on trains, especially little red cabooses.  When I was a child and we were fortunate enough to be at the front of a railroad crossing when a freight train came through, we would always wave at the man on the caboose and the man would always wave back.  This cheerful little Christmas caboose stirred up some nice memories, even as MKL and I made new ones.

Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Quote of the day: “Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.”  —  Jack Kerouac

Daily gratitudes:
Jerk chicken soup
A bath in my clawfoot tub
Slight fog

Trains have played a significant role in my life, my lineage, and in MKL’s as well.  We’re off on a journey tomorrow (not by rail but by road, which we both love), so this view down the tracks felt a bit fitting.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Quote of the Day: “It’s just that…I just think that some things are meant to be broken. Imperfect. Chaotic. It’s the universe’s way of providing contrast, you know? There have to be a few holes in the road. It’s how life is.” —  Sarah Dessen

Daily gratitudes:
Working from home with my little pumpkin
Tapestry shawls
Masses of pillows
Things to look forward to

Photo title: Between the Rails

Pueblo, Colorado.

Quote of the day: “Patterns of the past echo in the present and resound through the future.”  —  Dhyani Ywahoo

Daily gratitudes:
Cool mornings
Cowboy hats
Hot air balloons in the morning
That the bus driver’s seat bounces
Old bank vaults

May 2021


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