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The most severe period of mourning – the anniversary of my Mother’s death – is drawing to a close with the darkening of the day. It’s hard to believe that it’s been seven years. I still miss her every single day. Mr. Man is tucked up under and on the blankets next to me on the Red Couch. The Broncos are playing tonight. It was warm enough to go without my coat at lunch with MKL today. My bowl of green chile at Corazon was particularly hot. MKL gifted me with not only lunch, but a hydrangea bloom, and a string of Holstein lights. Sweet MKL. I found my Santa Hat. We have a party to go to tomorrow night, and are spending the night at the spooky Stanley Hotel. I discovered that I want to go skydiving – who knew? All in all, a good day to emerge from the cloak of sorrow.


Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Quote of the day: “Someday you’re gonna look back on this moment of your life as such a sweet time of grieving.  You’ll see that you were in mourning and your heart was broken, but your life was changing…” — Elizabeth Gilbert

Daily gratitudes:
Union Station all lit up
Tree shadows
My “garden” at work

While this wasn’t taken here, I am increasingly confident every day that spring — nay, summer! — is here. The same blue sky, the same green grass, the same black cows, the same white sheep. 


Port Enyon, Wales.

Quote of the day: “A longing to wander tears my heart when I hear trees rustling in the wind at evening. If one listens to them silently for a long time, this longing reveals its kernel, its meaning. It is not so much a matter of escaping from one’s suffering, though it may seem to be so. It is a longing for home, for a memory of the mother, for new metaphors for life. It leads home.” — Herman Hesse

Daily gratitudes:
Lunch outside
Driving one of the BMWs

It looks as if the mist is coming down the mountain to gobble up the sheep – who seem to be slightly aware of this, as they are snuggling up behind the shrubbery.

Sheep in Wales

Along the road in Wales.

Quote of the day: “I feel like you can look inside me and see all the places I am odd or unusual and fit your heart around them, for you are odd and unusual in just the same way.”  —  Cassandra Clare

Daily gratitudes:
Getting things done
Good books
Grumpy Cat

Aside: I discovered today that this month is NaPoWriMo – National Poetry Writing Month – in which participants are to write one poem each day. I’m already late, but I’m going to try to play along, so stay tuned for poetry.


To me, this is a dream spot. A lone white house, surrounded by green, at the edge of the sea. On the cliffs above is a little whitewashed town, and just off to the left is Worm’s Head.  A place to live, to write, to love.

A Dream House by the Sea in Rhossili_Wales

Rhossili, Wales.

Quote of the day: “If a thing loves, it is infinite.”  —  William Blake

Daily gratitudes:
Soft nightgowns
Phillipe’s advice
My favorite cowboy boots
Aspen eyes

This handsome gentleman was most flirtatious, blocking my path, spreading his feathers, and doing a full 360 to show himself off to all of his best advantages, trying to win my affections.

Peacock with spread tail fan

Gwydir Castle, Wales.

Quote of the Day: “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”  —  Joseph Campbell

Daily gratitudes:
Kelsea excelling at her MasterDrive course
Original 1950s diner

It was unbelievably cold and windy and rainy, but I snuck outside the rental car long enough to take this picture. Had I tried to get any closer, I’d have been blown out to sea.

Strumble Head, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Quote of the day: “When you loved me I gave you the whole sun and stars to play with. I gave you eternity in a single moment, strength of the mountains in one clasp of your arms, and the volume of all the seas in one impulse of your soul.”  –  George Bernard Shaw

Daily gratitudes:
Congenial relationships
A lot of amazing sunsets recently
How roses transform into something strangely beautiful when they die

Today’s guest poet: Emily Bronte


I die but when the grave shall press
The heart so long endeared to thee
When earthy cares no more distress
And earthy joys are nought to me.

Weep not, but think that I have past
Before thee o’er the sea of gloom.
Have anchored safe and rest at last
Where tears and mourning can not come.

‘Tis I should weep to leave thee here
On that dark ocean sailing drear
With storms around and fears before
And no kind light to point the shore.

But long or short though life may be
‘Tis nothing to eternity.
We part below to meet on high
Where blissful ages never die.

The picturesque walled town of Tenby in Wales is home to a lovely harbor (except without the water in this shot), pastel houses, and a mightily confusing narrow loop of a street. In Welsh, the town’s name is Dinbych-y-Pysgod, which means “little fortress of the fish”. Going back through some of my Wales images is making me hungry to travel to some new places.

Tenby, Pembrokeshire, South West Wales.

Quote of the day: “How simple and frugal a thing is happiness: a glass of wine, a roast chestnut, a wretched little brazier, the sound of the sea. . . . All that is required to feel that here and now is happiness is a simple, frugal heart.”  —  Nikos Kazantzakis

Daily gratitudes;
Nehru jackets on people who should wear them
The smell of a Chinese restaurant as you walk by
Dressing slightly bohemian
The way ice-cold drinks wake up my mouth in the morning

Fishing is still one of the primary industries of the small town of New Quay, which was once known for its shipbuilders. Located along Cardigan Bay, which is home to bottleneck dolphins, the town has made its mark as a spot for tourists on The Dylan Thomas Trail.

New Quay, Ceredigion, West Wales.

Quote of the day: “Be not the slave of your own past – plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep, and swim far, so you shall come back with new self-respect, with new power, and with an advanced experience that shall explain and overlook the old.”  —  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Daily gratitudes:
The scent of early fall
Roosters crowing in town
The irrational number of pillows on my  bed
Quick egg sandwiches
Sleeping with the windows open

I have no idea what attracted the attention of this little flock, but they were obviously enraptured. As I seem to be in a phase in which I am totally enamored with poultry, I bid you a good weekend with this image. 

Llanhennock, Monmouthshire, Wales.

Quote of the day: “It is our duty as men and women to proceed as though the limits of our abilities do not exist.”  —  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Daily gratitudes:
The big red ball of sun this morning
Realizing that pigeons are, in fact, pigeon-toed
Keeping random hilarious thoughts to myself
My pink orchid earrings
A weekend respite with MKL

February 2023


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