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There were a lot of views from Rasta’s on the South end of Cozumel, but I love this one, taken through the window of the massage room. I doubt it’s the most relaxing environment for a massage (I didn’t get one), being above a crowdy rowdy bar, but the scenery was fabulous. The food was only fair, but the beer was cold, and the vibe pleasant enough. They bus cruise ship passengers in, which makes it rather crowded, but everyone deserves a piece of paradise.


Cozumel, Mexico.

Quote of the day: “It’s all in the view. That’s what I mean about forever, too. For any one of us our forever could end in an hour, or a hundred years from now. You never know for sure, so you’d better make every second count.” — Sarah Dessen

Daily gratitudes:
Forward progress
Morning birdsong
Sprouting iris
Breakfast with my in-laws

In my continued quest to raise MKL’s spirits, I’m taking us to the long, wide, windswept beaches of the Riviera Maya again. January in Tulum was quite breezy; I suppose February in Cozumel will likely be the same, but that’s just fine. I’m excited to go – we’re a month away as of tomorrow. And today is our five month wedding anniversary, and we’re heading to the Stock Show tomorrow to see llamas, alpacas, rodeo, and whatever other surprises we encounter. He has promised to do his best to take the place of Kelsea – this is the first year she will miss the Stock Show, having gone every year since she was a month and a half old. He’s a very good husband. 🙂


Tulum, Mexico.

Quote of the day: “When we travel, we aim for the sublime. It’s the ridiculous stuff, however, that we tend to treasure the most.” — Erik Torkells

Daily gratitudes:
The surprise return of a favorite blogger after a year-long hiatus
Working from home on a snow day
A cuddly Maine Coon
My stepsons
A clean(ish) kitchen




My fun little new camera (taking center stage until I can afford to replace the Big Gun Canon, which I discovered was broken when we got to Monument Valley) can do these swell panorama shots. These were my first efforts, so please pardon the bulges in the sea. I think it’s particularly fitting on the day that has been nothing but black and white in Colorado.


From our hotel on Great Exuma.


Elizabeth Beach, Great Exuma.

Quote of the day: “As long as this exists, this sunshine and this cloudless sky, and as long as I can enjoy it, how can I be sad?”  — Anne Frank

Daily gratitudes:
Soft things
Snuggly cats
Stark contrasts of nature
Ice cold water
Low carb pizza


Perhaps this wasn’t what you expected to see, based on the title of this post? But if you know me, you know I don’t have two sisters, and if you know this blog, you know you can probably expect to see a photograph of some lovely warm place – like Great Exuma.  (In fact, that’s something you can generally rely on – finding an image of someplace warm and beautiful when you visit this blog.)

These rocks, which are right in front of the place we stay, are known as the Three Sisters. I asked several locals about the legend and got a different variation of the story each time. The essence of the tale is that an English sea captain came to the island and met three beautiful sisters. Each of the sisters fell in love with the captain, and when he sailed away, each sister tried to swim after him, and drowned. These three rocks rose from the sea to mark the spot the sisters died. Bahamians consider this to be a very romantic spot and  a place of good luck (though I suspect the sisters would disagree}. It is bitter cold here in Colorado again, with snow and accidents and light breezes that freeze your earrings in your ears. And the countdown to a warm and wonderful return continues….

Three Sisters At Sunset

Great Exuma, Bahamas.

Quote of the day: “Better to be strong than pretty and useless.” — Lilith Saintcrow

Daily gratitudes:
Being able to ride the bus on long, cold commute days
The pigeon downtown with the white mohawk
Toddlers bundled up for winter
The softness of the snow this morning
Snuggling under the blankets

Happy MKL Day!  I’m on countdown time now…


Exuma, Bahamas.

Quote of the day: “The windows of my soul I throw wide open to the sun.”  — John Greenleaf Whittier

Daily gratitudes:
A day off
That the Broncos are off to the Super Bowl
A special weekend
Birdsong as the harbinger of spring

It was a lovely, relaxing day. I’m adjusting to having the house to myself, and spent most of the day tidying up, playing classical music, and reading in Thunder Cat’s Chair in the sunshine. Kelsea and I celebrated a late Mother’s Day by going to look at wedding dresses, stalking babies, and having Chinese food for dinner.


Jost van Dyke, British Virgin Islands.

Quote of the Day: “Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.” — Louisa May Alcott

Daily gratitudes:
Pretty things
The motion of the clouds
Having my daughter drive me places

It’s getting better here in Colorado – we had blue skies today – but I’m still wishing to be here on the wide white beach.

The Wide White Beach

Holmes Beach, Anna Maria Island, Florida.

Quote of the day: “There comes a time in every life when the world gets quiet and the only thing left is your own heart. So you’d better learn to know the sound of it. Otherwise you’ll never understand what it’s saying.”  —  Sarah Dessen

Daily gratitudes:
Friendly bus passengers
The positive attitude of the one-legged woman
Getting to see MKL today
Blue skies
A bit of a tan

We may just virtually stay here on Anegada for a few days – you and me….

IMG_4525 (2)

Cow Wreck Beach, Anegada, British Virgin Islands

Quote of the day: “The winter will be long and bleak. Nature has a dismal aspect.”  — Charles Nodier

Daily gratitudes:
The Stock Show parade today (and yes, there are pictures!)
Julayne, the best boss in the world
Bed tonight
The V of flying geese, so many, each twilight

I thought it was time that we remembered the beach.  It’s been several months since I’ve seen one. and will be several months still.  But hopefully in February, we’ll be off to somewhere new.  I am thankful that it has been such lovely weather, as usually it’s cold and snowy by now, and yesterday was almost shorts weather.


Cow Wreck Beach, Anegada, British Virgin Islands.

Quote of the day: “I’m always going to be with you, you know. As long as you remember me, I will exist. Memory is a form of existence, life after death.”  —  Andrea Speed

Daily gratitudes:
The warmth of the sun on my back
The pink crests of cloud waves in tonight’s sunset
Future beaches
Frank Sinatra
Pettable dogs and cuddly cats

January 2023


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